3 February 2024 - Shropshire show

After an all-out rail strike was called a week before this show, I wasn't sure we would get to it (Laura was off partying this weekend!), but thanks to the kindness of Jane Cox of Wrenegade Devon Rex squeezing us in we got there - and it was definitely worth the trip too :)
- Champion Dushenka Honey-Belle delighted me by winning 1st in all her classes, her qualifying Challenge certificate and Best of Breed in strong competition, including her uncle Oskar! He wasn't bothered though, as he was too busy enjoying lots of cuddles from visitors to the show.

Congratulations to Jane's beautiful young Devon Rex kitten too on her successful show debut, winning Best of Breed!

6 January 2024 - Capital and Eastern shows

We decided to start the New Year with another trip by sleeper train down south, much to the obvious delight of both my boys, who made me proud of them again.
- IGr Ch Dushenka Oskar Kokoschka won Best of Breed in both shows, and exceeded my expectations by winning the reserve Olympian in a class of 8, and 4th in an Olympian class of 10 - and then topped off the day by winning Best Section 4 Adult in one show as well!
- Dushenka Lahariel won Best of Breed in both shows, his last kitten shows, and like his big brother, showed off all day long!

1 January 2024 - Happy New Year

With love to all my wonderful kitten owners and their beautiful cats x

Looking back over 2023

It was another great show year for Dushenka cats who won 14 new titles; 60 certificates; and 13 best in show/best of variety wins.
Special congratulations again to my new title winners:

- UK & Olympian Gold IGr Ch Dushenka Rafael
- UK & IGr Ch Dushenka Viola Heartsease
- Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Hollyhock
- Imperial Grand Premier Dushenka Zelenka

- Imperial Grand Premier Dushenka Vanda Blue-Orchid
- Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Oskar Kokoschka
- Grand Champion Dushenka Delukiel
- Grand Premier
Dushenka Blue Oberon
- Grand Premier Dushenka Zelazny
- Grand Premier Dushenka Xoriana-Agata
- Premier Dushenka Honey-Blossom
- Ch & Premier Dushenka Norma Jean

Many thanks to Caryl, Amara, Karen and Darren, Margaret, and Heather P, for showing their lovely cats so well, and giving them the perfect homes x